Friday, October 22, 2010

Those first few moments....

Happy birthday to our beautiful little boys!  I can't believe our two are already two!  The first months were such a blur, I barely remember them!  But at the same time, it seems like yesterday that we were finally meeting our little guys.  I can't say things have gotten significantly easier, just different.  Always exciting of course! 
I couldn't imagine life without these two.  I miss the days where we could snuggle up and cuddle, but it is also a lot of fun watching them turn into such little boys, talking so much and saying or repeating the funniest things and giving us lots of great hugs and kisses! Wishing both of them a healthy, fabulous year full of lots of fun and excitement.

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Andrea said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet boys!! Wow, that seems to have gone by so fast!

Mike and Sarah said...

Happy birthday Carter and Dylan!! And a big congrats to you and Keith too, Jess. Two years with twins... parents of the year two years in a row for sure!! Enjoy your celebration.


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