Sunday, October 24, 2010

50 things

At work my team did a session with Maryanne O'Brien of LiveDynamite and for us we took the Strength Finders' tests and focused on developing our strenghts and worked on a variety of other things as well.  I thought is was one of the best things I had done in years and felt it was a great refresher to refocus on goals and who you are and what you want to become.  A few times a year she does independent sessions, so for Keith's bday, I got enrolled in the class (random gift, I know). 
So on Saturday he spent all day downtown and felt like he really got a lot out of the session.  A majority of it focused on the power of positive thinking and where that can take you and the dangers of being negative and how negative thoughts not only bring you down, but those around you!  For example if on a scale of 1 to 10 on positivity, you are a 10.  Most people's positivity can only be the average of the 5 people you are around most.  So if you spend most of your day with a bunch of 1,2's, the best you will be able to be is around a 5.  Or another example of being more positive, would be rephrasing things to remove the negative words, especially with kids.  So instead of saying "don't throw your food on the floor," "please keep your food on your plate."  Those are just a couple small examples.

Anyhow, I wish I could spend a day a week with Maryanne and all of you could spend a day with her too, she is amazing!  After a day with her you will fill extremely motivated and energized.

One tip she gave the group was to de-clutter your life and one way to do that and give yourself a lift is to get rid of 50 things you don't need! 
Since I am a yard sale away from becoming next hoarder's star, this was hard for me, but I feel great about getting rid of this junk!  I even got rid of an old Coach purse, this was really hard for me.  It was white and had far too many stains to ever be used in public again, but it was a gift from Keith and I LOVED it at the time, so it was a hard one to let go of!  I don't know, maybe the old Chi Omega pillow would look nice on the couch.....just joking, it's a gonner!


Mom said...

Does this mean you are ready 2 let go of some things you have @ my house?

The Bormann Family said...

I will consider a few things, but not really promising anything. Sorry, baby steps!

Kristy said...

Jess, is one of your 50 things a cardboard box? If it is you crack me up. I also have hoading tendencies that I am working on! Good for you guys on being positive!

"You threw your babies away. And you threw your swords away. You threw your golf clubs and your tasty treats! And ya know what? I found 'em. And I'm gonna raise all of them!"

Anonymous said...

I see an exercise dvd in the pile. Good move!

Pietigs said...

I would love to have a session with this gal! We are working on something at school with the students and staff on "filling buckets." It has been great so far. I love the hear the kids say, "You just filled my bucket!"

The Bormann Family said...

Kristy, you are funny! And I do have a nice collection of boxes in our box room I'm not ready to part with just yet. However, that box is jammed packed with lots of old clothes and things we don't need. We have been collecting junk in it for about a year, so if we count that, we might be at 100 things!!!

And my favorite part of that line might be the tasty treats!


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