Thursday, October 21, 2010

To the moms of boys....

As I approach my third winter as a mom to boys, I would like to share a few words of advice...
Buy at least two hats right now, and if your little ones are still really young, buy different sizes, one for now, one for spring.  First off, somehow they disappear, reappear and disappear for good.  By the end of last winter, we were down to these two hats.  Honestly, I can't believe they fit!   Second, by mid January, there will be very few hats in sight to buy.  You would think in a state like Minnesota, where hats can be worn about nine months of the year, they would sell them all year! 
I'm sure it is tough to find girl hats late in the winter as well.
There will be rack after rack of adorable festive dresses for the little girls and about one rack of fancy little boy outfits.  Don't hold out for the bargain, if you see something you like, buy it!  It will probably be sold quickly, especially if you need two.  Of course I was a little extra picky hoping to find black cords with red/gray argyle sweater vest (and yes, I did see several of these, not the right size).  After blazing through about 20 stores deep into December when I should have been focused on Christmas shopping, I finally found the argyle sweater vests, but settled on purple (so close to Christmas, I did manage to get a good bargain- not worth the struggle)!  I will be less picky this year.  But really, I rarely dress these two up, and I think little boy sweater vests are too darn cute and how long are they going to go for it! 
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The Woods Family said...

Will have to go hat shopping this weekend - thanks for the advice! Keep the tips coming ;)


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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter