Monday, October 11, 2010

Meet Sam and Jack...

The entire Hawaii vacation came together because we went to visit our good friends Kelly and Eric in Hawaii. Eric is in the Air Force, so they have been living in Hawaii for about a year now.  Sam is three, Jack is about 20 months. I met Sam when we visited them in Florida when he was a newborn and this was our first time meeting Jack.  They were both adorable and sure made us miss Carter and Dylan. 
Jack is just young enough that he made me realize my baby boys are no longer babies anymore and are well on to being "boys".  The boys rarely see  Mark (Eric's twin brother), so it was entertaining watching the boys react to Mark.  Though Mark and Eric both tried to trick the boys, neither Jack or Sam fell for their tricks for too long.
THANK YOU KELLY and ERIC for letting us stay with you!!!  I would love to say I will be back soon, but probably not the case. Hopefully we will be able to get all four boys together to play sometime.

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