Saturday, October 2, 2010

Broken Arm Update....

When I dropped the boys off at daycare, I found out that Dylan did not break his arm from jumping off a toy, but he was pushed off by a friend!  Of course, I couldn't say a lot since they both push as well and we could be in the opposite situation with anther child. 
This boy is doing just AMAZING with his cast.  He must be right handed because he has adjusted so well to using the one arm.  He doesn't really try to use the other much, but does not fuss about the cast at all.  I do feel bad sometimes because he can get frustrated when trying to pick up too many things with just the one.  I will have to post a video of him crawling, it was a little sad, but we couldn't help but laugh at the poor kid!  Of course it didn't bother him a bit. 
I do think the incident put a little fear in him because he was a little nervous going down the slide tonight and he hasn't been attempting to jump off as much since he broke his arm.
Bath time is the biggest challenge, we are trying to just do every other day instead of daily baths.  Tonight was the first time we got him back in the bathtub.  Keith may have overdone it wrapping up his cast!  Carter really wanted a bag too! 
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Mom said...

Oh my, look at the sad face on Dylan as he looks at Carter. Maybe he is thinking that Carter is hurt too and it makes him sad.


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