Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What's happening at 2??

  • I think these two have been growing, they have been eating a lot
  • Still won't touch veggies along with many other items
  • They have been interacting quite a bit lately
  • I feel like they really notice if I am paying more attention to one or the other now and then sometimes act out because of it, so that is something I try to be really careful of!
  • They really like sidewalk chalk, markers (not really crayons), playing outside, climbing, puzzles
  • They love jumping, Carter hops around all the time
  • Saying lots of things and stringing a few words together
  • Obsessed with bananas
  • Dylan is Mr. Helper!  This weekend he helped Keith carry boards for the shelves into the house, he always helps sweep the floor and hang up shirts
  • They can't get enough blanket time
  • Working on breaking the pacifiers, I will take any tips!
  • They love Elmo and Thomas the train
  • Stickers are a huge hit
  • We pretty much say "bye" to everything, bye stella, bye Target, bye Thomas.....
  • Carter spots any pumpkin in sight and says "pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins" and always wants to go look at them on the front step and they say "squirrels ate pumpkin, squirrels, squirrels" 
  • Battling pushing, biting and hair pulling
  • Dylan is a total mamma's boy
  • Dylan is going through this phase where he takes my hand and drags me somewhere, then quickly tries to think of something as to why I had to go with him.  So it usually turns into an attempt to get more snacks
  • Carter loves letting Stella in the house
  • They both really like the light switches, they bring their little stools to them and flip them on and off
  • Dylan is really into flushing the toilet
  • They would be so happy if I would let them go up and down the stairs all day
  • We still go potty at bathtime, but haven't attempted total potty training
  • Carter loves books and brings them to us to read all the time
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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter