Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanks, but no thanks!

Well I must say Thanksgiving 2009 was an unexpected Thanksgiving! We went back to Iowa Wednesday night, got the boys to bed and were ready for a day of lots of eating and fun with family.

At about 3:30 am, Carter woke up and was crying. Keith went to get him and he had thrown up all over. Keith brought him back to our room and then was like "Jess, you have to take him I think I am going to be sick." So I grabbed him and Keith headed to the bathroom. I thought he was just sick as a reaction to Carter, but nope....two men down with the flu. I managed to get Carter cleaned off and brought him to bed with us. I was hoping some super mommy power would kick in to keep me strong for my family. No such luck! About an hour later I got hit with it and ran for the bathroom. There we were me, Carter and Keith all in our bed sick as dogs! I ended up getting the worst of it probably throwing up 20 times. Keith and I have never both had the flu at the same time!

So my mom had to move Thanksgiving dinner to my sister's house and all of us had to stay home and miss out on all the fun. At least Dylan got to go. I was a little disappointed that I missed his first turkey dinner. I just can't believe we all missed Thanksgiving...REALLY??? Almost every time we come back to Iowa one of us ends up pretty sick, is this an omen? But what is it telling us? Never go back to Iowa again or hurry up and move back to Iowa???

The good news is I think we had a 12 hour bug and we are all doing much better today! It was so nice to at least be home so mom could take care of Dylan and somewhat help us out.


Jacquie @ Joy Made Full said...

Sorry you guys were so sick! I hate missing family meals and when it's a holiday it tends to make it worse! Glad you're all feeling better, hope that's it for the year.

Em said...

Rats! I'm so sorry your holiday was spent in bed, but very happy to see you guys bounced back pretty quickly.

Just think of the calories you saved though :-)

Welcome to SiTS!!! Your family is just gorgeous.

Joy said...

Stomach bugs are sooo rough! Glad your kids are feeling better.

Welcome to the SITS community!


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