Friday, November 13, 2009

Too tempting to resist!

Stella didn't seem to be eating when we put her food in our bathroom, so now we have resorted to keeping it on the kitchen table and putting it on the floor when the boys aren't in the kitchen. I swear the minute those bowls touch the floor, they are after the food.

I wish I would have taken a video because the two were just hilarius tonight. They were sorta doing a good job obeying me. They would just stand and stare at the food and get closer and closer to it and I would say "no" and they would back away. But it was funny because they would start shaking their hands, or Carter would point and slowly attempt to dip his pointer finger into the water and pull away last minute. Then the two started doing this little march/dance standing in place because they were just bursting inside trying to NOT touch the few. At some point I gave in. It was entertaining watching Carter feed Stella piece by piece.

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