Sunday, November 29, 2009


We made a pretty good recovery from our "Thanksgiving Flu"! Except the boys now have colds. Last week at work I jinxed myself. I said "since the boys got their tubes, we have only been to the doctor for well visits". Wow, was that the wrong thing to say. Since then we have had pink eye, the flu and now some pretty rough colds, what's next?
For right now, I have decided to blame our sickness on the Arbys in Dows, IA. We stopped there on the way to my parents house and all of us ate except Dylan wouldn't really eat anything, maybe he was just suspicious. I think it is a little crazy how all three of us started throwing up within an hour. Something else about Arbys, when I was pregnant, just seeing the sign would make me nauseous! I don' t think we will be back any time soon!

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Kristi Bruno said...

Grace plays with the "My Big Fat Chi O Wedding" mug in the bath tub, too! Who knew those cups would someday be used for a baby toy of all things? Funny.


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