Tuesday, November 17, 2009

More time with my babies...

Many days the boys are the first to arrive at daycare and the last to be picked up. I hate that they are at daycare more than they are with me. Last week when I went to pick them up the teacher said they had been ready for us for a while and for the last hour every time a parent came they would run towards the door hoping it was me or Keith.

So I have been trying really hard to leave work by 5:00, 5:30 at the absolute latest. Keith has been trying to get home earlier too. Of course that won't work all days and picking them up at 3:00 would be much better but for right now we just have to take advantage of the few hours before they go to bed and really enjoy the weekends.

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Jon and Jennifer said...

We're the same way Jess. Our boys get to daycare at 6:15 and we don't pick them up until 4:45!! That is sooo long!! I hate that I'm away for them for that long. It sure does make the 2 hours you're home with them each night and on the weekends all that more specials for sure!! That's probably why we NEVER do anything or have anyone else watch them!!


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