Sunday, November 1, 2009

New Playroom!

We were quickly running out of room in our living room for all the boys' toys. The one little basket we had was overflowing! After careful consideration, thoughts about rearranging the furniture, two trips to Ikea and about four trips to Target, we finally have a solution. It would be great if we could put some shelves with baskets in the boys' room, but with two dressers, two cribs and a rocking chair, we just don't have room! So we decided our only option would be to make our office "baby" friendly. So we cleaned up the cords around the computer desk and purchased this shelving unit that can hold lots of baskets. I think it is working well so far, except now we have one more room to track boys down in. Now, the hardest transition will be for me and Keith as we had been using to the office to house all the decorations that used to be in the house and lots of other not-so-baby friendly items.

Now that we have a little more room for their stuff, Ithink it would be fun to get them a little table sometime within the next year.

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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter