Wednesday, June 24, 2009

We have a couple "clingers" on our hands...

The boys are starting to become very aware of when we are and aren't in their sight. We're starting to notice more and more that when we leave the room, we will quickly hear some fussing and crying, followed by the sounds of them quickly crawling and then feeling them pull themselves up onto us. It is really sweet when I pick them up at daycare, they usually drop what they are doing and crawl over to me and pull themselves up. The downside is....they don't want down and I only have two arms. So I will be holding one and the other will start to cry, so I put the other down to hold the one crying, then he notices he just got set down so I can hold his brother... and you can see about how well this plays out. I end up sitting on the floor and each gets one arm and one leg:) It is really sweet and truly melts your heart. It sure is starting to make it hard to leave the boys at daycare in the morning.

Notice that in the picture above, Dylan is taking Carter's pacifier. Then in the picture below he is working on fitting it in his mouth with his other one. Tonight he tried to put one in my mouth. Hmmm.... I wonder how I caught the cold that they have???

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Jon and Jennifer said...

haha....our story EXACTLY!!! I swear you would think that these little munchkins were spoiled while they were babies and we DID NOT hold them all the time, but I CAN'T do anything without the pitter-patter of little hands and feet crawling after me and up my legs!!!

The stealing of the pacifiers, my guys do that too, isn't it cute!! They also think that Jon and I should suck on them sometimes too.

Kellie said...

That would be so hard to leave them! But so great to see them crawling to you when you picked them up! They are adorable.


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