Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Sunday Project

Yet again, we have wrapped ourselves up into another home improvement project. I think we watch way too much HGTV!

One our favorite evening summer activities is having bonfires with the neighbors. We used to have them in our driveway, but now that the backyard is fenced in, it is more convenient to have them outback so the dogs can run around and play. So I had a "good" idea one day and said, "maybe we should put some flagstones down, to set our fire pit on". Well, like most projects, it turned into a fire ring with flagstones surrounding it.
We made our first trip to Home Depot around a 11:00 am this morning and our third around 6:00. Fortunately, the boys took a pretty solid nap in the afternoon, so we worked very QUICK!
We don't like the top row, so we still need to find some cap stones that match and need to dig the holes so the flagstones sit into the ground further. We're thinking that might take a while. So if any of you are up for a night around the fire, give us a call and we'll be ready!


krmccord said...

That looks really good!! I love sitting around the fire. You know how much of a pyro I am :)

The Bormann Family said...

Maybe sometime you can come up and we can get out our old candles:))

Kellie said...

Just say the word and you know we'll be right over. :) (Maybe we should just trash our old gross fire pit now) Haha!


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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter