Saturday, June 6, 2009

Finally fenced in!

Since we became residents on Russell Ave, we have had big talks of fencing our backyard in with our neighbors. Most of our neighbors already have fences, so we just needed to complete a few sections. Keith and Mitch had been working about every night this week and finally finished it last night. We celebrated with the first bonfire of the season. We're really excited to let the dogs run around without being leashes.

Is it obvious where we added??? Hopefully it will weather and blend in with time. I have plans to plant a tree in the corner of the yard.

Kellie managed to get all the dogs together for a picture. They all love her, she is like the dog whisperer. As you can see, Stella is in love with Bruiser and Kobe is the anti social one. He always tries to get away from Stella.
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