Tuesday, June 16, 2009

704 E. 21st St. Pl. S., Newton, IA

My grandfather passed away about six months ago and in two weeks there will be an estate auction. Today I was looking at the post for the auction, http://www.tricountyauction.com/kalma.html ,
and caught myself starring at the address: 704 E. 21st St. Pl. S., Newton, IA. It hit me that I would no longer be writing this address onto envelopes anymore to send invitations, birthday cards and Christmas cards anymore. There are a few more cards I would love to send, like a birthday invitation for a duo turning one. I guess it's hard to believe a place you've gone to and stayed at thousands of times over the years will no longer be what you once knew.

Aside from being a little sad, I laughed a little as it is a funny address. Could there be anymore abbreviations? Nobody was ever sure of the best way to get there. Up until about he last year it seemed Keith would still ask me which streets to turn on to.

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