Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Four years ago today Jess and I started the next part of our journey together and were married in Des Moines at St Ambrose Cathedral with many friends and family there to help celebrate. Only a month later we moved to New Jersey and lived on our own out East. Luckily for me Jessica was willing to follow me and my career meaning she had to find a job in Philadelphia. We had a great time living out East making many trips to New York to experience the sights and sounds and see friends. After living there for only a year we again moved, at least back to the Midwest, but Jessica had to endure the job search process again allowing me to move forward with Lockheed. Now that we are settled in Minneapolis, have two amazing boys, a great home, a little dog, wonderful friends and jobs we enjoy, it is hard to believe all of this has happened in only four short years. Jessica has been an amazing wife and an even better mom, the boys and I very lucky to have her and we love her very much. Since I am writing this at work I have limited pictures to choose from and I this one made me laugh. This picture was taken in the Dominican Republic, obviously before the boys, we went down there with our friends Mark and Autumn. Some day we will take another trip like this but for now we are spending our days chasing our little boys around as they grow bigger and bigger each day.

Happy Anniversary!

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Kellie said...

Awww... That's sweet! And what a great picture! Happy anniversary you two!


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