Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Another trip to Iowa = another hospital visit


This looks like trouble! (Carter)

The boys just love the dog bones, I have to take them away about every day.


Grandma's hallways sure are fun to crawl up and down!
We have had a rough few nights with the boys!!! This weekend Carter had a terrible temp ranging from 101 - 103.6. Finally on Saturday we decided to take him to Blank in Des Moines to make sure everything was OK since we were going to be in the car for four hours the next day. Everything checked out OK, so we continued with lots of Tylenol and Motrin and cool baths as needed. On Saturday night, both boys were up almost the entire night. Carter ended up sleeping with Keith and I ended up sleeping with Dylan in the guest room.
On Monday we already had a scheduled doctor's visit, but ended up finding out Carter had an ear infection and both boys had thrush. They were thinking the fever was some sort of virus. Today when I was at daycare, I noticed a sign that said "your child has been exposed to hand, foot and mouth disease", I read all the symptoms and theypretty much matched all the symptoms the boys had. I called our doctor back and he still didn't think they had that, but we'll see. Since it is a virus, there really isn't a lot they can do even if the boys do have it. Until this weekend, I think we went at least a month without any doctor visits!!
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Kellie said...

Hand, foot and mouth disease!?!? How in the world? I hope they are feeling better. Poor guys. You did have a long haul there though w/ no doctor visits! Yay!


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