Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Adventures at Babies R Us

On Sunday, Keith went golfing so I decided the boys and I should get out of the house for a while. So we made a trip to Babies R Us to stock up on some essentials. You may be wondering why this would be an adventure since I have probably been there 50+ times since the boys were born? Well, this was my first trip out alone since the boys are no longer using their car seat carriers. I ended up putting Dylan in the Baby Bjorn carrier and Carter got to ride in the kids seat in the cart. This was a first for him. Carter did great and was really mellow the entire time and had so much fun looking around at every thing at the store. Dylan did pretty well, but got to be a little heavy for me by the end. I noticed that I got stopped a lot more often with the twins questions this set-up. Normally, I don't mind the questions, but Dylan was starting to get fussy and heavy.
Overall it went pretty well, but I wouldn't want to go on my own too often.

We'll see how quick we go through all this food. We recently dropped a bottle and are down to 4, 8 oz bottles a day. This GREAT because now we only need to make 4 daycare bottles at night now. I think I will miss feeding the boys their bottles, but I WON'T miss all the bottle washing. Especially with the Dr. Brown Bottles and their six parts.

The boys are eating cereal, 1/2 stage 2 fruit & veggie for lunch and dinner. And lots and lots of puffs! Tonight Dylan would only eat his puffs.


Dylan (top, bottom)

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