Saturday, June 6, 2009

7 Months!

As of May 22nd, the boys are 7 months old! I know I say this every month, but where has the time gone? I have to say, so far, the boys are at the best stage right now. I absolutely loved when they were tiny and snuggled up and slept all the time, but they are getting to be so active and so much fun now. I'm sitting back thinking through the past seven months and am really excited about how things are going right now. From about month 4 to about month 6, we really struggled! During that time, it was the dead of winter, the boys had been transitioning into daycare and they had come down with about every common illness under the sun. I think we were in the doctor's office two-three times a week and we had to use the nebulizer on one of them after about every feeding. Honestly, Keith and I could barely handle them on our own. Keith had class two nights a week and I remember sitting in our chair with both of them in my arms trying to get them to stop crying and eagerly waiting for Keith to get home. I only had to call him to come home early once. Fortunately, my mom and Keith's mom both came up to help me out a few different times.

Carter & Dylan

It seems like every day the boys are learning new skills. Both of them are doing pretty well with the "army" crawl. They get up on their knees and rock, but can't quite figure out how to move forward. Needless to say, they are getting into EVERYTHING! They both say "Dadda" and sometimes I think I hear a "Momma", but it is usually a mmmmWHAHHHH! They finally broke the "wake up at 4am" business. They both think Stella is really funny and they laugh at her all the time. They are so mobile they constantly challenge me every time I have to change their diapers. Nothing like changing a moving target. They are also starting to discover their "boy" parts. This was most evident last week when I was changing his "dirty" diaper and he decided to take a big grab with his hand. Let's just say I needed lots of wipes for that round.

Some of Dylan's favorite things are his walker (He can walk circles around Carter), playing in Stella's bed, climbing up and over anything and playing with any clothes laying around.

Carter has a GREAT laugh, he laughs all the time, especially when we play peekaboo. He still loves his feet, the speakers on the floor, he does really well at sitting up and he loves to climb over us.

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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter