Sunday, June 28, 2009


We have a couple busy 8 month old boys, certainly too busy to sit for a picture:) It is a lot of fun watching them learn so many new things so fast these days. So here is a little bit of what is happening right now:
  • both are crawling A LOT... Carter usually crawls on his knees, Dylan is so quick doing the army crawl that he prefers to move get around that way
  • I wouldn't be surprised if these two were walking in the next couple months. They pull themselves up onto everything and Dylan is starting to get brave enough to let go.
  • We recently discovered that both of them have really faint birth marks on the back of their right legs under their knees
  • Carter has one- maybe two teeth, he doesn't really like to let us see, Dylan has two. They both got their bottom right tooth first
  • They are excellent at saying "Da Da", the other night Carter was just smiling up at me and I would say "ma ma" and he would smile back and say "da da"
  • They love to play with anything that they can bang together, kitchen utensils are quite popular
  • They think Stella is really funny, they try and pet her sometimes, she isn't really too impressed
  • We bumped up to size 4 diapers, this is the same size as their 2 year old cousin Cade:)
  • We have been letting them try lots of new foods...I see more and more "Bucklin" in Carter all the time. I let him sample some Pepsi last week and then that is all he wanted. Now he reaches for every blue can in sight.
  • They are now objecting when you take something away from them or don't let them do what they want
  • They will clap their little hands and wave, I'm working on high fives

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Kellie said...

Uh oh. Reaching for blue cans already? Better hide the miller light! :)

Also, I thought it was high time you got a blogging award so it's on my site if you want it!!! :)

Mrs. W said...

they are so cute! congrats on 8 months!!! do twins run in either side of your families?


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