Monday, May 14, 2012

This and that….

We'll go with a bit of randomness for tonight!

Two Corneal Abrasions in one year???
I mean, who has this happen anyway?  Then two times - same eye - different little boy.  Last August Dylan attempted to wake me up by jamming his finger in my eye and I ended up having a pretty bad cornea tear.  Which I DO NOT recommend.  I was literally out for like 2 1/2 days passed out on the couch.  Then last week, Carter jumps off the stairs onto me, naturally I am more focused on protecting my baby and trying to catch him so he doesn't fall down the rest of the stairs.  Somehow he basically ended up punching me in the eye.  Instantly I felt that referred pain again, but I thought maybe my eye was more sensative from it happening before and that I couldn't have possibly torn my cornea again.  It started watering and I really couldn't open it, so I just went to bed.  It felt a million times better in the morning and better by the hour.  I did go to my super nice eye doctor (who we discussed I only see when I have corneal abrasions) and sure enough he could see a tear in my cornea that looked about the size of a 3 year olds nail.  But much, much smaller than before.
So I am very thankful it wasn't as bad as before and am seriously considering some goggles to wear around the house!  All I know is how the heck have they not done that to each other - and I am so grateful I've been the only one of us to have this happen.  

Who doesn't love bomb pops!  I would say these were the bomb, but I accidentally bought reduced sugar - not as good!

Perhaps it's possible to take multi-tasking too far
Today I caught myself walking into Target while eating a Culver's grilled cheese sandwich?  Really, it's bad enough I'm trying to consume my lunch in 3 minutes - but I almost felt as though I should walk around the store while eating it???  I'm going to get busted by the Target security guy- I'm too good of a customer, they won't kick me out permanently.

Speaking of Target...
Today while i was there, I saw two people with the little shopping cart germ protectors - the ones that cover the kids seat like a blanket.  I might get some grumpy responses from this - but can anyone tell me these are really that sanitary?   I can only imagine germs glue right to those things as you use them from cart to cart.  However, I'm pretty far from a germaphobe mom so I'm probably not the best to share an opinion on this topic.  But I would love to see one of those talk show reports on just how many germs and things build up on those.  Who knows, maybe they are cleaner than the carts.

An exciting call from HR today
HR called me today regarding a paycheck - instantly I thought I was going to have a problem and have to pay something - well it turns out, my first check (back in January) had to be cashed instead of direct deposited, which I guess i did not realize?  I looked back and did have a check deposited in January and sometimes your initial checks are a little different, so I didn't notice.  So SCORE, but i'm pretty sure it is already spent with all these projects happening!

At this minute...
I'm watching Jimmy Fallon- anyone else just love this guy???  He is so darn funny, I just wish it as on a little earlier.  The thank you notes are too funny!  I think the baby likes him too, there has been a dance party in my tummy for the last half hour.

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Kaylan said...

We used one of those cart things when Miles was pretty little, especially when he liked to suck on the handle bar thing on the cart. That was so gross!! But once he was over that, we quit using it. I hate taking extra stuff in the store with me. We would forget it half the time anyways:)


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