Monday, May 21, 2012

It's wedding season!!!

Happy to say this is the first of only a few weddings this summer!  For many years it seemed we had about 10 every summer.  I do love weddings, but this lady is getting old and can't always bring her dancing shoes like she used to!  Lucky for the guests, this girl was completely sober and I don't think I touched the microphone once.  But this will probably be my last sober wedding!  I did have 4 shirly temples - don't think I have had that many since Angie Allspach and I hit them hard at Troy Garten's wedding when we were like 10.  

We made a quick trip up to St. Paul on Friday afternoon for our friend Julie's wedding. My mom was so kind to watch the boys for us.  I think they had a pretty darn fun afternoon.  They were super busy cleaning their bikes, helping with flowers, watching some movies and going out to dinner.  They wanted to call me on their way home from dinner and I heard an earful - can't tell you what the heck they were saying, but I think they had a good time!  

I thought it was time for Keith to get a new wedding shirt / tie since we tend to see the same crew on the wedding circut and we haven't purchased a new tie in a few years.  Turns out we were on trend, basically every guy in our group had a blue shirt and a striped tie!  

Autumn & me

Allison & Me -  So excited to see Allison, she lives in Colorado now so it's rare to see her!

Kirsten, Jess & Autumn

And somehow I missed taking a picutre of the beautiful bride!  They are head for St. Lucia - that's where we honeymooned 7 YEARS AGO!!!

 Keith and I were super unplanned for this wedding and debated all week about where we should stay.  Since I could drive we thought it would be good to head south and get out of the cities so we would have a shorter drive in the morning.  And Friday came and we still didn't have a room booked:)  Well we ended up staying in a special little place in Faribault for $54.99 and all I can say is we got what we paid for and I am 99.9% sure we won't be back!  But I guess for 6 hours of sleep, it served its purpose.

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