Monday, May 7, 2012

Phone Dump

One morning both boys ended up in our bed.  They look pretty peaceful here.  

They discovered these at the mall!  .75 a ride - cleaned me out!

We took the boys for Cold Stone.  They used to not like ice cream - but are starting to.  Last night my mom asked Carter if he wanted some and he told her he only likes the pink kind from the mall.  

Isn't that about the safest face you have ever seen?  He just woke up from a nap.  I've been going to Menard's about 4 days a week lately.  Too much for this girl.

This is the boys favorite spot at Menards- they talk about all the parts and show me all the things they "need".  Too bad they charge you for every little piece.

The boys think they are super cool when they use their  Thomas lunch bags.

May Day basket delivery.  We got so many baskets- the boys were in heaven.  

They were funny dropping off- they kept looking into peoples windows.  

Hard at work.  Have you ever put gloves on a kid?  NOT FUN! Takes about 5 tries.

Most dinners are consumed outside.  

Found this on the sink!  Notice the leaf stuck to the stick- not sure where all this sucker has been.

We went to Keith's grandparents this weekend.  The boys insisted that Nick would sit in the back with them.  

Lobsters at the Waterfront.

Carter's story telling face.

Keith made my dad this delicious cake for his birthday.  I had to have him do it - it has a zillion steps, much too complicated for me.  Took him over two hours to make.  

Watching the storms

Late night landscaping.  This was to be a quick little project that expanded!  It's going a little slower than planned, so we tried to get some work done tonight after the boys went to bed, but we didn't want to annoy the neighbors with the hammering - so we will just keep working on it block by block.  

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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter