Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Keeping Busy


Last week was a hectic week!  Carter ended up coming down with something had had a fairly high fever for him – right around 103.  He looked miserable and said his tummy hurt and was just shaking.  Luckily though he was in pretty good spirits and of course, it was – my least favorite, just a virus.  Mom and Keith stayed home with him on Thursday and I think he had a pretty darn good day with some extra special attention.  No sneaking them into daycare – Keith said when he dropped Dylan off – Carter stayed by the door and said he can’t stay because he had a fever last night.  He kept saying he didn’t want to get his friends sick. 

Mom ended up taking Dylan on a special trip to Target – and boy did he have fun!  Mom said she couldn’t push the cart fat enough because he had a need for about something in every aisle.  This kids loves to shop and really loves to shop at Target. The funny part is, he doesn’t even care that much about the toy section.  So here are some of his purchases:

·         Raisin Bran (this was a request by me – but he had a bowl with me that night)
·         Flowers for his teachers at school – he was so excited about giving them these
·         These little square cocktail breads – Which I guess were pretty darn awful
·         A jar of cherries for me
·         Cars coloring books for him and Carter
·         Oranges, bananas, apples and a pineapple
·         A new DVD for grandma’s car
·         Pita chips

Probably a few more items tooJ  He felt pretty special when he got back home. 

Then the poor kid had an icky week!  One day a kid a daycare wiped poop on him – that is probably the worst thing I have heard from day care to this day!  GROSS!!!  Then later that night we found a tick on his head.  That was a first as well – pretty darn gross. 

Sorry I haven’t been blogging much – we’ve been pretty busy and then our internet has been a bit spotty.  Good thing I have friends who keep up and blog too – check out Kaylan’s blog, she wrote about our girl’s weekend to Galena and while I was gone Sarah scored some serious fun aunt / sister-in-law points.  She sent Keith and Adam out golfing and watched all three boys.  They stayed quite busy with some really cool Pinterest activities.  The boys talked about all the fun they had quite a bit. THANK YOU!!!  Here is her blog with all the fun projects.
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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter