Sunday, May 13, 2012

Great Grandpa & Grandma Bormann's

Last weekend we spent the day at Keith's grandparents house in northern Iowa.  One of the first stops - to see the stinky pigs.  The boys are always talking about the stinky pigs!

We thought this would be a great place for them to ride bikes with the flat drive, but training wheels on gravel is a bit tough, they would spin out most of the time.  

They bought two new trees that Keith, Nick and Karl helped to plant - Carter too! Keith and I are super jealous of this good Iowa top soil - our yard is basically a combination of sand and cement -we should have brought a few buckets back with us for some planting.  

Like Keith's tight shirt - he borrowed it from Karl:)

Dylan was quick to pick me and GG B flowers from her garden.  There were only a few left so I had to keep an eye on him.  I brought mine home and it still looks great.  

This is how GG B gets around the farm - the boys were excited to go for a ride with him.  I hope I can still drive a lawn mower when I'm 90!

G&G Bormann took the boys for a ride around the farm in GG B's old truck - they thought that was pretty cool!

I think the boys had a great time on the farm!  We'll be back this summer for another Bormann summer reunion.  
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