Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Our window treatment curse continues....

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate window treatments – still do!  Something always goes wrong – Keith hates them as much as I do.  So here are our recent struggles (BTW – is this just me or do any of you out there struggle too?)  So I finally found some panels for the patio door, that I really like- Ironed them and towards the end of ironing the second panel I seared the top layer.  A little pissed and frustrated I tried to accept that I would just have to buy a new one – and iron again.  Then I went to JC Penny’s – hate that place, they are short about 10 people in their window treatment section.  Pregnancy must make me more impatient – actually went ahead and helped myself to the back room to find some panels I was looking for (yes I got caught, but then the girl helped).  They were all out of the color I needed, so I figured I could find them online.  No luck.  Then after about 3 phone call attempts – the final took about 3 transfers and follow-up call (I think this is why I hate calling customer service), only to find out these were a test and they didn’t have anymore and probably wouldn’t get anymore!  URRR!!!  So I am leaving the seared ones up for a while. 

You can see wear the iron did the damage!

And my next battle!  Bought the shades that you can have cut to size from Home Depot.  First off, it took like 20 minutes for somebody to actually help me.  Then I got them home only to find out they were about an 1/8th of an inch too long.  I think about two attempts later Keith took them back to trim down more.  Apparently the guy hacked the crap out of them and they looked awful.  So trip number three Keith came home with a whole new shade cut to the right size.  One issue though –I spent an extra $20 to have cordless ones, so we didn’t have to worry about the cord or messing with it – and when the guy got a new shade he grabbed the version with the cords.  Of course we didn’t realize until Keith had them hung.  Regardless, we chose to cut our losses and let them be!  

Oh -I forgot to mention the finial broke off the curtain rod for the babies' room.  No worries - they are sending me a replacement!  

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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter