Thursday, May 10, 2012

Oh- the things they say

Our new thing is “put too much sauce in that” or “yeah, I want too much sauce” – I think they get this one from me, but now with things like spaghetti or dipping sauce they say and demand it….”I want too much sauce”  and if it’s not enough, its “mom, that’s not too much sauce”

Sorry family members – you won’t like this one.  This morning they woke up with this completely random birthday party talk (their bday is in October)- Carter started with saying he wanted three friends from school to come:  Ryder, Chase and Julia (I have no idea who Julia is).  Somehow we were talking about who usually comes to their party and they said “the old people who bring presents” – seriously where did that one come from? 

The boys have been a bit bent out of shape because we have been short on square cereal bars and the kind Dylan likes. So this morning they said mom will you go to Target and buy some today. I said today isn’t great because I have  a doctor’s appointment.  And I got back – “ go to your doctor’s appointment, then go to Target and buy square cereal bars, my kind of bars and some Lucky Charms.”  OK – orders takenJ

The boys have been so funny about pictures of Keith and me. Dylan took notice to an engagement picture of us. So he was asking Keith if they were standing behind us.  No. We were in mommy’s tummy.  No.  Anyway- didn’t get too far, but they can’t quite grasp the concept of when they weren’t around. 

Last night Carter wanted spaghetti for dinner and I told him I was making his dinner and he said – “mom, are we going to have spaghetti or what?”  They seem to be adding some slang to their vocab.

I was playing blocks with the boys and they wanted me to make a windmill, so I did (not too bad if you ask me), “Dylan said that’s not cool mom, dad will have to make one”. 

“Get two of those” – I hear that a lot.  One day Dylan and I were at Caseys and I was going to get a slushie and he saw me and without even a thought, I hear – get two of those. 

Every time we drive by Karl’s Chevrolet – (they have  two huge rocks with a truck on top) – they ask, “how did that truck get up there” – so I always ask how do you think it got up there, so the answer changes.  One time it was a bunch of people picked it up.  The last couple times it has been a crane.   

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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter