Thursday, May 10, 2012

Baby Update - 32 Weeks!

31 weeks with the boys (left), 31 weeks Baby #3 (right)

Throughout most of this pregnancy I thought I was either keeping pace or bigger than I was with the boys.  This picture looks like I was a bit bigger before- I think I was a bit higher too.   

This pregnancy has been flying by- can hardly believe I am in my third trimester already.  Trying to do my best to enjoy these last few weeks as this will be the last time I will be pregnant.  Not that I just LOVE being pregnant or anything, but hard to believe this part of my life is over.  

I've been feeling pretty good for the most part- few up and downs.  I've been pretty tired, probably because we have been spending every waking moment go, go, go!  

My poor belly button- it is not doing well.  It popped a while back - with the boys it just went flat.  It is sore and hurts- I can feel it stretching.  I have a feeling it might not recover quite as well post-pregnancy.  So I have been trying to hit it hard with the lubes / palmer.  I still have a while to go.  

Had an appointment today - all checked out well.  Heartbeat was 128, I'm up about 20 lbs. I go back again in two weeks and we are doing an ultrasound, so I am pretty excited about that.  

The baby room is pretty much done, just need to add a few more things.  Also need to get -
Diapers (not looking forward to buying these again- I always walk by them at Target, look at the price, look back at my cart and then think - I probably shouldn't spend an extra $20-30 today, I  need all these goodies in my cart.  I also need to buy a stroller - any suggestions?  I need to go test some out.  And I still need to find a cute little coming home outfit!  One of these days I will get the energy to bring up the bottles and all that fun stuff!  Not looking forward to having all those around the house again.  

32 weeks

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