Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sharing pink eye with Boston....

I have had more eye problems lately!  Two weeks ago I had a work trip to Boston.  I was excited because this was my first trip to Boston.  We didn't get a chance to see too much and I later learned this was not the real Cheers bar.  So I guess I will need to go again sometime.  Wednesday morning I was sensing pink eye coming on and thought about going to urgent care that day to get drops - just in case. Keith was like do you really think you have pink eye?  And it didn't seem as bad as the day progressed, so I skipped.  BIG MISTAKE!  My eye was bright red and swollen all the next day and I had to present to a group of 100ish that Friday, so I had a fear of all kinds of goop pouring out.  Miraculously it didn't get much worse and I was finally able to get drops on Saturday.  But if you hear of a pink eye outbreak on the East coast - you know who to blame:(

All healed up, good to go right?  That was until Thursday morning I was woken up by a two year old poking me in the eye.  After the pain didn't go away I told Keith I needed to get into an eye doctor.  So we found an AWESOME clinic that saw us right away when they opened - they were so nice.  I was thinking maybe an eyelash had been jammed up in my eye lid.  Not so lucky - I had a pretty decent tear on my cornea - then he was like, I'm going to tear off a flap of your cornea - what??? Seriously, I thought he was joking at first - he was not.  That part didn't really feel that bad because I had numbing drops for about half an hour.  So he put in a medicating contact and told me to take four advil every four hours because I would be in a lot of pain. Then he had me keep using my pink eye drops so I woudln't get an infection. 
I thought I would be fine to get a lot done and do some work - not so much!  I could barely see. The light didn't help at all, so I was wishing we had some curtains in our house.  I had  no idea my left eye was so much weaker and all I could do was sleep. I would read like two emails and then just feel the need to take a little nap and then would wake up like four hours later.  So I basically slept for 24 hours.  Not a good use of PTO!
The good news - the eye heals REALLY FAST!  So the next morning we went back in and he said it was 90% healed and by Friday night,  most of the pain was gone.  My vision is still a little bit blurry, but pretty much back to normal.  They were having me read the charts the day after and Keith burst out laughing because I seriously said 14 on a letter chart. 

So on the list for the next shopping trip....sleeping goggles! 
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Tara Carrico said...

Jace went through TOO many painful procedures in his life... and I think the worst pain I ever saw him in was the time he had a tear on his cornea. It breaks my heart to even think about it now. It was awful, so I feel for you. Glad you are doing better.


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