Monday, January 16, 2012

My picky eaters...

I must say the boys seem to be getting pickier by the month. At least they used to eat about any piece of meat or fruit we put in front of them; unfortunately, that is no longer the case! In general they like almost all of the same things – there are a few things that differ:

Carter likes bread – this is big! Forever they didn’t like bread, so that eliminated any sort of sandwich. Of course you have to be careful – no butter! He has even been eating hot dogs on a bun! Dylan – he won’t touch it!

With a Christmas miracle Carter ate a deviled egg! I am still shocked by this one – they helped me make them, so he ended up tasting it and liking it. However, now he says he just likes the white part. I’ll take it!

Dylan will eat applesauce and I don’t think Carter will unless he does at school.

For a couple weeks Carter was eating carrots – because they are crunchy and because papa likes carrots! Last night he wasn’t having it.

So if you have a kid who will eat anything you set in front of they ENJOY!!! I’m not sure how we got to this point – I swear they loved vegetables when they were babies and I tried really hard to keep them trying new “healthy” foods – but the things they would eat just kept shrinking. It’s not really something I feel as though I can force on them outside of trying to offer them healthy options with each meal. So here is the big list… you can imagine how hard it is to feed these two some days:

-Absolutely no on yogurt – how I wish they liked this fresh, healthy snack. Even tried the frozen ones like popsicles, yogurt milk shakes and got them excited about “pink milk” – FAIL – mom that tastes like yogurt!

-Cheese – now they do eat cheese on pizza, mostly because I don’t think they realize that it’s cheese when it’s melted. I wish they liked cheese so I could give them string cheese for snacks.

-Almost any vegetables

-This breaks my dad’s heart, but they don’t like ice cream, about the only sweet they pass up!

-They LOVE mac and cheese – Dylan says it’s his favorite, but generally it has to be Kraft. I have given them the Annie’s a couple times and passed it off like kraft and it worked. Sometimes they will eat the homemade kinds like in restaurants – but that is about a 10% success rate

-Pasta is generally a success –unless you make it fun with corkscrew pasta….. FAIL!

-Yes – even if the veggies are small in soup, they pick them out (I’m afraid they get that one from me!)

-Dylan is starting to get particular about pizza, not eating the crust and one day we had some at the restaurant that was just cheese and he wouldn’t eat it because it didn’t have pepperoni

-They like to order corn dogs, but the peel the hot dog out of the breading

-They used to eat rice with about every meal (because it was all they would eat) and I think they had enough – so now they barely eat it.

-They won’t touch any sort of dip or dressing – they do LOVE ketchup and have that at about every meal.

Generally they say everything is yucky, even if they like it. I’ve learned to take yucky as compliment.

They sure do LOVE cookies – they are always saying, I ate a good dinner, now I can have a cookie – HA. A good dinner by like three bites. You know how to get your kids to stop asking for cookies…..give them a Fig newton. Keith thought they would be a “healthier” alternative and it was because they wouldn’t put them anywhere near their mouths and didn’t ask for cookies for about three days!

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jill said...

sounds very similar at our house.
no cheese unless it's melted. any fruit is a go. no vegetables-maybe lettuce if i'm lucky. won't eat bread unless it's toast or a pb sandwich. the only pasta fletcher will eat is kraft mac and cheese. the cheap hyvee isn't good enough and he won't even eat the good shells and cheese. i feel your pain.

Our Crazy Filled Life said...

I think my only piece of advice for you is to keep offering a variety of foods, even ones they don't like. My oldest wouldn't eat green bean casserole for like a year, but every time I made it I put it on his plate. All of a sudden one day he ate the little scoop I'd put on his plate and asked for more, he's liked it ever since. The rule in our house is, you eat what mom makes or you don't eat. It sounds kind of simple and yet hard at the same time, and it is. We've been struggling with our youngest the last few days. But you can be sure they won't starve, they'll eat if/when they are hungry! :) Hang in there!!!


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