Sunday, January 15, 2012

Christmas Part 3 - Bormann Christmas

We spent Thursday – Sunday celebrating the holidays with the Bormann’s.

My mom got the boys these cute little suitcases for Christmas – they are totally into them.  So they got to “pack” for grandma’s house and they like to pull them their selves.

Our first stop was to visit Keith’s Grandma Ludwig. She got a new computer for Christmas, so Keith spent most of our visit helping his grandma with pictures on her computer.  We arrived in Sibley sometime before dinner.  Adam, Sarah and Oliver joined everyone the next day so it was a full house!

We got so many nice gifts. Keith got one of those flip cameras, so hopefully we will be taking more videos.  Our old camcorder was last seen at the Bormann Christmas a year ago – I think it is safe to say it is gone for good.  It must have been thrown away with wrapping paper.  I think we would have found it when we moved – but no sign of it.

Keith’s mom found the boys all kinds of cool toys from a children’s store – most were ones you don’t see just everywhere, so I think they are enjoying them.  They also got new bike helmets and a bunch of animals to have around the farm.  The boys were really into opening their presents here and kept asking, can I open another present?  I think they had the most fun playing with a couple old trucks and tractors that Keith used to play with – I think a couple might have even been Karl's when he was a kid.

We also rang in the 2012 while there – not too crazy of a night for this pregnant girl, but I did make up past midnight.

I also attempted to complete year one of my Blurb book. I made it past 100 pages, but still have many pages to go.  I think working on it gave me a headache because I had a headache for three straight days – so I haven’t gone back to it since!  I WILL finish it though!

Sunday we stopped to see Keith’s grandpa and grandma Bormann on the way home.  It’s always good to see them and the boys LOVE to see their “stinky pigs” as they call it.  It was pretty cold out so we had to just look at them from the car.  They gave the boys a couple of books and one of them, they just love – we have been reading about every night!

It took us a while to get all the decorations down, I think we managed have most of them down by the 6thJ   Too bad Christmas always goes by so fast!

These pictures weren't going so well, Dylan wasn't having it.

Reviewing the instruction book!  This is a total Bormann trait.  I've seen both Keith and Karl reading through the instruction books - me, I don't do directions!  

This is Dylan's "Favorite Present".  It is a Mickey photo album, he kept saying it was his favorite.  He has it on his night stand.  

Sarah and Adam got the boys these cute little aprons.  Now they can be handsome little cooks.

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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter