Monday, January 23, 2012

Is it possible to break a sweat at Target?

Yep – it’s possible!
The boys are having a Valentine’s Day party at school and I thought they would enjoy picking out their own to do and also thought we could pick up a few items and kill some time.  It was raining out, so I assumed cart selection may be minimal, but was happy to see ONE of the large obnoxious carts with the two seats on the back, so I was rushing the boys to snag it and…..bam a lady grabs it from me about 5 feet away.  Her girls looked 5-6ish, I imagine them walking through the store maybe wouldn’t have been too rough.  But that’s the luck.  So two carts it was.  Keith doesn’t mind pulling two carts, but it’s not my favorite, especially on a busy Sunday.  So then we made a stop at the bathroom (luckily I convinced them to go to the girls, generally they will only go to the boys- which I don’t always mind, but Keith gets tired of).  OK – 10 minutes later, with extra clean hands, drinks at the water fountain, we are off for some shopping.  Managed to get most our groceries and on our way to the puzzles and Carter says he has to go number 2:(  Grrr.... this is tough, sometimes they are serious, sometimes they aren’t.  He had tried earlier, no luck. I convinced him to hold it a bit, thinking he may forget, then he said he really had to go so I got a bit nervous.  So we rushed to the front of the store, parked our carts by a register hoping nobody would take them, and we were back at the bathroom.   And another 10 minutes in the bathroom and false alarm- “all empty,” as Carter puts it.  And we are back to our carts happy to find all items were still in our carts, which was great, as I really didn’t want to tackle the busy food aisles for a second round.  Picked out two new puzzles and then attempted to find Valentines.  Either we were looking in the wrong spot or they aren’t out yet!  I can’t imagine that they aren’t out, but we will be heading back to find some next week.   We weren’t able to get by the sticker aisle without a purchase.  Then off to check-out.  Overall, the boys were really good, I just got a bit overheated with my winter gear and all the bathroom business.

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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter