Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hello 2nd Trimester

13 wks

14 wks

So happy to be in the second trimester!!  I thought it would be great if I woke up with a burst of energy:)  However, it is getting better, I have been staying up past 10:00!  Nothing exciting to report.  Keith thought I might be having some cravings since I just finished an Eggo waffle at 10:00.  I have been eating a lot of cherries too!  They were OUT at Target, Dylan didn't think that it was very nice that they were all gone either:)  I was planning on buying two jars!

Another decision that has been top-of-mind lately is finding out if this will be a boy or girl.  Like I said before we waited with the boys and I was so happy we did, it was really exciting being surprised that day.  It made decorating  a bit of a challenge, but  I would definitely recommend everyone be surprised with one of your babies.  But Keith definitely wants to find out and I wouldn't mind knowing either.  So we will have to think about it.

Just curious to any of you who found out with one child and not with another - which experience did you prefer?  Did you regret finding out?  If you were to have a third or had a third, did you or would you find out?  
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K'Lyn Uhl said...

Hi Jess! We found out with Addison and I have no regrets. I figure it's either a surprise at 20 weeks or a surprise at delivery time! And it was so much fun to decorate knowing she was a girl! Good luck! Can't wait to hear what you decide! You look great by the way!

jill said...

we found out with both, only because i'm not huge on surprises and like to be prepared, but i'd totally like the surprise with the third. i only justify that by saying that i have things for either gender. good luck with your decision.

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