Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The good thing about twins...at least for now

I guess today at school while the boys were playing outside another boy had jumped on top of Dylan (I'm guessing by the bruise he knocked him down) and I guess Carter came sprinting across the playground and knocked the kid off Dylan - or as Carter put it, he rolled him off.  Not sure what that exactly means.  But it's good to know they look out for each other. 

I did have a talk with them one day that if mommy and daddy aren't there and one of them gets hurt they need to give each other hugs/kisses to make sure the other is OK and feels better.  They seemed very interested in this idea!  

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Anonymous said...

YEA, for Carter!!! Carter was also there when a boy pushed Dylan off a toy and broke Dylan's arm. Dylan better keep Carter. :)


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