Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Five things you may not know about me…or maybe you do!

1)  If you have seen me the past few weeks or for the next couple weeks and if I’m not wearing jeans or sweat pants – but I was probably wearing sweat pants  –my pants were or are probably not buttoned.  I’ve been holding off on the maternity pants as long as possible!

2)  This one may set some of you off, but Glee – don’t like it!  And Taylor Swift, don’t like her either! 

3)  I have recently noticed that I have turned into a Google snob.  My computer had been set on Bing for a while and my phone somehow got set on yahoo –neither compare to Google!  Maybe I should try an altavista search sometime, remember that!

4)  I only get my hair cut about 2x a year.  Probably because I NEVER do it in the morning – where would I be without rubberbands? I wish I did do my hair, it would look so much nicer, but it is really thick and coarse, so it takes FOREVER to dry / straighten and I would much rather sleep!  Sometimes I do it curly, but then I have to shower in the morning – again, sleep wins!  Many people are surprised to know that I have never had it dyed. Outside of a little Sun In phase I went through in high school, these locks have been their natural color.  At times I do think it would be fun to do some highlights, but then I would have to keep up and I don’t think 2x a year would hack it!   Though, sad to say, within my last 30 days before 30, I pulled out a gray! 

5)  Thanks to Phil Dunphy, my husband likes to pull the line on me, “what do you know, you got a marketing degree from a party school”.  Ahhhh, what do you do! 


Krystle said...

I hate Glee. I get my haircut maybe 3x a year??

Oh...and I feel like "once was lost but now is found" after switching to Google Chrome recently. Everything is Google now and I cannot go back :)

This was fun to read! Thanks!

Kellie said...

We are same! :) Well minus the pregnant part! I don't like Glee, love Google, and only get my hair done 2-3 times a year. I pick colors that are close enough to my natural shade that as it grows out it's not super noticeable. :) I'm lazy. And well, I didn't get a marketing degree but I got a fine arts degree so I figure that's in the same boat right? Ha!


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