Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas Part II - Bucklin Christmas

We spent the majority of Christmas day at my parents.  The boys got into their stockings right away.  

The post-its have been a hit!  Sad to report I did not hit jackpot with my lotto tickets this year, I think I was the big winner last year so I guess I will have to wait another 10+ years for my turn.  

Alec looking good in stripes

All the cousins
Cade, Logan, Morgan, Alec, Nick, Dylan and Carter
(that's a lot of BOYS)

The boys were good helpers this year moving the presents.

This year we tried to change up present opening and just grab a present from the pile one at a time.  This did not go well, so after about three presents we had to pass them all out and open going around the room.

The boys helped me quite a bit with wrapping this year (so many bows didn't match, and lots had a lot of presents had a bit of extra tape).  So every time my mom opened one that I wrapped, Dylan would go up to my mom and tell her that "my mommy wrapped that".  

The boys big presents were these ships.  They are really into them and have been cruising all around the house with them.  They are a bit much on the realistic slide, they came with a slave with a chain around it's neck.  So that was a bit random.  I got a new purse and boots along with lots of other great things, so I am set!!  We also got a bigger sized crockpot with a timer so I can make more of my Pinterest recipes.  Keith got Apple TV and I really don't remember what else.  He is pretty into this Apple TV, which I have been impressed with as well.

I love Christmas time, too bad it goes by so fast!  
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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter