Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mickey's Castle

In March we will be going on our first big family vacation!  My parents, Jennifer, Cory, Alec, Cade, Morgan and all of us will be heading to Disney World!!!  Though Disney isn't necessarily a dream vacation for me, I am super excited to take the boys there.  First of all because we haven't really been on a vacation with them before and it will be a nice family getaway before the baby arrives. Second, these two are so darn excited to actually fly on an airplane!  They have been fascinated with planes since they were really little they watching them fly over our house in Minnesota.  And right now they are so into Mickey, I imagine they will be a little starstruck when they see all the big characters in real life!  
So they talk about going to Mickey's castle probably at least 10x a day!  Here is a video of them talking about it.  They generally seem to repeat the same events. Most commonly I hear the three little boys need to be really good at Mickey's castle because naughty boys aren't allowed at Mickey's castle because there are a lot of people there.  Dylan came up with this one on his own, so we are going with it!  They also talk a lot about there being fireworks there and flying on the plane of course.  
Hopefully sleeping in the hotel goes OK, I imagine they will be exhausted, I know I will be.  I get tired after a couple hours at the mall, Keith might have to give me a push in the stroller.  Last time we went I was pregnant then too!  So I guess no fun roller coasters for me.  But that's OK, I'm more excited to see the boys have fun.  I think they will love the rides too, they got really into them this summer at Adventureland and the state fair.  


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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter