Wednesday, January 18, 2012

He LOVES it!

All year at school they have a different letter each week for the "letter can".  Finally this week was Dylan's turn of the letter S.  I can't even explain how excited Dylan has been about this.  He came home right away and put a bunch of stuff in it (which we later had to convince him to take out because they didn't start with S).  We have loaded it with everything s we could think of - a straw, spoon, star, shark, string, sugar, square, toy strawberry, slinky, sunglasses, a sock, a letter s, a six, a snowman and a picture of Stella.  I will give him a few things and he gets so excited to put them into the can, but then he keeps wanting more. This morning we had to tell him we had to call grandma and grandpa for a few more s things to get the kid out of the house.  Then of course because those fibs don't work so well anymore when Keith got home he wanted to go to grandma and grandpas for his s things, so right away when I got home Keith was like grandma is shopping and papa is at work:) He even slept with it by his bed last night. 

Anyway, I LOVE seeing him so excited about a project. It also reminds me that the boys might need more "individual" things like this.  I could tell that he liked that it was "his thing".  Next week is Carter's turn with the letter T.  I know he will like this one because we will be able to include two of his favorite t's, Thomas the Train! 

Oh, and don't accidentally call it the s can, IT'S A LETTER CAN MOMMY!!!!  Heard that about five times.


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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter

Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter