Monday, July 23, 2012

Our noisy sleeper

Olivia is the noisiest little baby and makes all these crazy sounds.  She doesn't cry a lot - but makes all kinds of strange peeps and squeals.  The strange thing is they mostly come out at night, making it hard for us to rest peacefully.  I always feel like i have to get up and look at her to make sure she is OK. Sometimes it sounds like she just needs a sip of water to clear her throat. Finally one morning I took a video of it.  she picks up the pace about half way through.  I would say these are pretty minimal, normally she will make much louder or stranger noises.

Anyone else experience this, the boys were not like this at all?

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The Annis Family said...

I had to laugh as this could have been a video of Lucy! Maybe it is a girl thing. I could never sleep in the same room as her because she was so loud I would keep waking up multiple time a night! She still cries out, talks and makes strange noises at night. Cute video :)


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