Friday, July 13, 2012

Nursery in Progress

I would prefer to share a finished nursery, but lately we have been doing things more at 90% complete! Some people have asked, so I will go ahead and share where we are at before we are transitioning her to a big girl room!

I was tempted to keep my old bedding and thought I could add in pinks, but one of my favorite things about the boys nursery was how it was painted and I was not up for painting another room of stripes.  And I was really loving pinks and greys - so finally I said forget it - we are going girly!!!  Not too crazy girly - since most of you that know me, know that I'm pretty far from a girly girl.  But after having two boys I think it is time for a bit of pink in our house.  So ultimately I still wanted something soft and sweet.

Here is a bit of taping out the chevron stripe on the wall.  It wasn't too bad to do, but I wouldn't be jumping to do another.  I was certainly happy I chose to do just one! 

A lot of people asked where I got the grey chevron sheet - I found it a Pottery Barn Kids.  I got the bed skirt there too, but am not a huge fan of it - if you look close it is a strange grey, but I was tired of looking for bed skirts.  I did find a really cool chevron bed skirt that fit great, but it was either the sheet or the bed skirt and once we lower the mattress the skirt will probably go, so I went with the sheet.  

Did I mention she is one of the only girl grand babies in our family - I think she is doing quite well in the clothes department!  I got out a few of my outfits from the boy - but so far have not put any on her.  

My mom did an amazing job recovering my rocking chair!!!

I found this cute little night light at Pottery Barn Kids too.

So what else needs to be done?  

We need some accessories for some fun finishing touches!!!

Well - a few things.  We put a dimmer switch in - genius, huh!  We got the idea from our neighbors, should have done that with the boys' room.  But like typical Bormann DIY - attempt 1 and 2 failed and Keith has to call the dimmer company to fix it.

We need to bolt the dressers to the walls.

We have one curtain tie back hung - still need to add the second.  And I might get around to ironing those curtains.

I just found these ducks and wooden name on Etsy, so i ordered them in pink, grey and white.  Hopefully they will arrive next week. 

I ordered a bunch of these frames.  You have to paint them yourself, so hopefully they come soon.  I ordered them before she was born, so I need to figure out what the heck is going on.  I plan to put her newborn pictures in them.  

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Andrea said...

It looks great! I love the grey and pink together and the cheveron= awesome!

Where's your rug from? It's pretty too! Good job on the girly room. I'd say yes, after two boys you deserve some girly stuff! :)


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