Tuesday, July 31, 2012

1 Month


Look who is already 1 month!

My tiny little baby is getting so big already, here's what she has been up to:

We aren't missing too many meals, as of this week she was over 10 lbs, if we keep this rate she will out-weigh her brothers by one.

She is still quite sweet and loves to snuggle.

We probably spend too much time snuggling her, I don't really like having her on the floor when her brothers are home, you never know what may land on her.  So this equals her being held more by mom!

And to no surprise, she doesn't really like to lay down in her pack and play at night.  It isn't hard to get her back to sleep after feedings, but once you lay her down all the weird noises start and shortly after she is awake and ready to get up.

She definitely has a distinct- I'm hungry cry! She is also a bit sensitive, if she gets bumped or scratch she has a mad scream.

Her eyelashes have been growing in.

She gets  A LOT of really soft hugs and kisses from her brothers!

We move right through the diapers and are already into size one!

The doctor is thinking between her snorting and tummy aches, she might have reflux.  She also detected a heart murmur this week, so we will follow up with the cardiologist this month to make sure there are no issues with it.

She is super strong and holds her little neck right up!  This is probably good for her - she will probably need a bit of extra strength to hold her brothers off!

She recognizes all of our voices and will turn to look for us.

We get lots of great smiles, which I love!

Sometimes we are lucky with 4-5 hour stretches of sleep at night - which is great when it happens, because after the first time she is up at night, we have a hard time getting her back down and we generally only get one good stretch.

We still swaddle her at night, but unlike her brothers - hands out!  This girl loves her hands and always has them touching her face.

She still doesn't cry too often, but has been doing it more in her car seat.  I had to make 5 stops between Polk City and Baxter last week:(

So far she doesn't really like her baths too much, I'll work on that!

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Amber Maddux said...

i seriously want to steal her & eat her up in all her preciousness!!!!!


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