Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Busy Week

Last week Olivia and I kept quite busy – we had several activities….

Sunday night was a rough night so we got a late start on Monday.  I ran a few errands in Des Moines and then had to be back home by 3:00 for the exterminator to come.  We have a serious spider problem outside- so far, things are looking much better!  Wish we would have called sooner. 

I was very overdue for my dentist appointment. Having your dentist in Newton when you live in Polk City is in no way convenient, but after a bad experience in MN, I prefer to stick to my dentist that I have had my entire life.   So I took Olivia to Baxter to hang out with my mom while I was at my appointment.  Afterwards I met up with my friend Sara for lunch.  Afterwards I decided to go through Des Moines on my way home and we went to the mall for a little bit.

I took Olivia to the office to meet my co-workers.  Afterwards my friend Angie and her mom and daughter, Payton, came over to snuggle with Olivia.

I had to get a haircut- I think it was last cut in November, so it was out of control.  I probably cut off 5 inches.  So mom came over after her chiro appointment and we met my sister in Des Moines for lunch, ran a couple errands, did my hair cut, then hurried back to Polk City  to pick the boys up the boys. 

Olivia had her first movie outing. We met Aunt Sarah at the theater to see Magic Mike.  It was certainly a fun movie to watch, but could have had more to the storyline.  There were only about 8 people in the theater- two older ladies who took off after about an hour.  Afterwards we had lunch at the Cheesecake factory.  Then a quick stop at Target and we headed home.  Friday night my friend Autumn and her little girl (Carter’s girlfriend) came over for dinner and lots of playing in the back yard.   It was so much fun to have them over. 

Kinley is a brave girl. See, it looks like the boys are sitting under a blanket - but if you look close, you will see this is their "egg".  They play in the egg ALL THE TIME and things get pretty crazy in the egg.  It's pretty exclusive, I'm generally not welcome.  She went up to them and said she wanted to go in there too.  They were like, no.  After some convincing, I managed to get her into the "egg".  
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