Monday, July 23, 2012

Life just got a little bit more fun at rhe Bormann's

The boys have been wanting a play set for a really, REALLY long time!  They were very patient and funny - they would tell mom and Jennifer from time to time, "we're looking for a play set, let's go to Home Depot and look at play sets, or our mommy and daddy are shopping for play sets, we're looking around".

It took us a while too to figure out the best thing to get.  We debated on all the different activities that would be the most fun for the boys and where we should make the purchase.  So we did lots of shopping around and were total creepers eyeing any play set in peoples backyards that we drove past.  The boys would have loved monkey bars, but a boy down the street just broke his arm pretty bad after a rough fall and since my monkeys can't really be trusted on high things, that was off the list.  Eventually we will need to add a baby swing, so we might have some trouble when that day comes or Keith may have to put on an extension.

It you have ever assembled one of these, you know they take a good 20 hours to put together (no joke).  This too was part of our delay in buying one of these - so we did the unthinkable.... paid for installation.       Otherwise this would have never made it!

The boys knew we got it, but didn't know when it was coming.  They put it together in about 3 hours and then it was a really fun surprise when they came home from school.  Mom and I waited on the swings for them to run out and see it.  

This is the only part I'm not too big of a fan of - I call it the ladder to nowhere.  After a few incidents we already have a new "one-at-a-time" rule.  Carter was also in big trouble after I saw him jump off of the platform over the rock wall.  The good news, he landed it!  
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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter