Saturday, July 14, 2012

At the hospital

Here are a few more pics from the hospital.  It was really nice having Olivia in Des Moines because we were able to have lots of visitors! It worked well for my sister and Adam and Sarah since they work downtown- they were able to make a few visits.  Jill and Sarah's offices were so close they could walk - minus the uncomfortable 100 degree walk.  Did I mention we were in the hospital at a good time, it was so hot out you could barely be outside.  One day Sarah brought me a sandwich from South Union - which was AWESOME!!!

Keith missed out on most our visitors - seems like he was always transporting the boys at the times when people were visiting.

Overall our stay at the hospital went pretty well outside of the day they were short on nurses and I had one that was not from the maternity floor and when I asked her if maybe I was close to being able to have some pain meds again she looked at her sheet and said- oh you could have had them about 6 hours ago.  Thanks:)  Otherwise all of our nurses were pretty awesome!  And of course I couldn't say enough nice things about my doctor, he was great, I wish I had him with the boys.  

The two Bucklin granddaughters!  
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