Friday, July 6, 2012

Miss Olivia - you have won our hearts


I think it is safe to say that we are all pretty in love with this little girl already!  Obviously we are a bit bias, but she is pretty much the sweetest little girl in the world!  We are so lucky, so far she has been such a good little baby!  She is doing great nursing, she loves to sleep and we spend a lot of time just snuggling and enjoying her while she is at this sweet little age.  We couldn't be more blessed with this gift!  

Isn't this onesie adorable!  My friend Kaylan made it for her as well as a few other cute items.  She made the boys some really cute capes as well- I need to post a few pics.  
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Amber Maddux said...

OMG! I just want to squeeze her and kiss her all over - ya'll make some of the most precious babies :)

Maria said...

congratulations! i just started following your blog and love the baby's sheets! do you have a full post on her nursery?! thanks!


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