Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Life with Miss Olivia

Olivia is 2 weeks old already!  How is that possible?  I took her in yesterday for her two week check-up.  So far she is really packing on the pounds.  When we left the hospital she was 6 lbs 12 oz and yesterday she was 8 lbs 4 oz - well past her birth weight.  The doctor was quite impressed, I must have some extra rich milk!  Here are her stats:
HT:  20 1/2", 66 percentile
WT:  8 lbs 4 oz, 55 percentile
HC:  14 1/4, 82 percentile

She still likes to sleep quite a bit - except at night she just can't seem to get comfy and grunts non-stop!  Last night we had a 5 hour stretch, so that was awesome!  I don't think we had that with the boys for probably 6-7 wks - if that.

So far she hasn't had a bottle yet, but the pediatrician thought we should go ahead and try one since I have to go back to work in six weeks.  Hopefully she will do good with both.  I don't think Keith was too excited about this news.  

She loves to lay on me this way and usually just falls asleep in seconds!

I'm loving being home with her and am enjoying every second as much as possible.  Things sure are different this time around.  She is so much easier!  When I was home with the boys I remember feeling lucky to try and it a frozen waffle and last night I made chicken and noodles with mashed potatoes.  That would have never happened when I was home with them.  So I think it is easier on a few levels:

Having a baby is such a lifestyle adjustment from being able to do or go where you want, when you want to completely focusing all energies on your kids.  So when Olivia came we have been adjusted to being extra slow wherever you go and missing out on some things you just don't get to do anymore for some time now.  (I just told Keith I could really go for a fun camp out or tailgate with friends, loaded with lawn games - he laughed!  I won't even talk about a beach vacation- I will see tropical waters again someday)

Knowing what the heck you are doing!!!  With the boys it was so much trial and error and seemed like we were always trying to overcome a new obstacle.  Now you know what is next and what to expect.  And some things I thought was hard to do with the boys is so easy with her.  When I left the house with them, by the time I fed them, dressed them, loaded them in the car along with everything we might possibly need- I was sweating by the time I got into the car.  Now I know clicking a nice little baby in her car seat into the car is so much easier than negotiating with a three year old why we should be getting in the car and that is lucky if I don't have to mediate an argument over who gets to sit in which seat.

So far…..(I hate to even say it), but so far she has been such a great baby.  Maybe the boys were too- but she doesn't fuss up much so it is easy to take her places or do things.  Now if she were my first, I'm sure I would think she was exhausting.  I think with them I was just easily stressed that if they were crying I wouldn't know what to do always.  She has also been taking some great naps.  The boys did nap OK, but was always a challenge getting both to nap at the same time.  Sometimes I like to take a nap with her too.

Then one versus two - oh my this makes life much easier.  It's just easier and faster to do about anything and half the exhaustion.  Keith and I did all the night feedings together and we were just zombies those first few months.  She's sleeping longer stretches, so that helps too, but we were definitely in a delirious haze for a long time!  
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Andrea said...

glad you are loving and enjoying life! she's beautiful! congrats again.


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