Friday, July 6, 2012

Not another one???

Stella took a nice vacation to Uncle Jeff's house, only to return to ……  another BABY!  She is taking the news pretty well and happy to see her boppy back out!

She was pretty wiped after a week at Jeff's, she did this for about two days.  She looks like a dirt bag, I got the scissors out the first day back and cut a bunch of hair around her face.  Good news, she finally gets a haircut on Wednesday.  

Though at times we don't think she really likes the boys all that much. One night a few weeks ago we were sitting outside after the boys went to bed.  We heard a funny sound in the monitor, but no cries so we didn't check on anything.  Then we came inside and Stella was sitting in the middle of the stairs acting a bit strange.  So we wondered if something was wrong with one of the boys.  Sure enough, we checked on them and one was laying on the floor sleeping.  Not hurt or anything, but funny how she was on guard about it.  So she must like them a little bit!
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Kaylan said...

Awe! She must love them! Herky does this too. I really didn't think he liked Miles much. But lately when it's time to get him up in the morning, he's racing up the stairs to his room. Maybe he's accepted the fact that the kid is staying.


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