Saturday, April 30, 2011

We gave it a try, but it's just not working out....

When we moved in to mom and dad's house, Keith and I decided to share a sock drawer!  After a brief discussion tonight, it seems this has not been working out well for both parties involved and our socks will be going separate ways when we move into the new house.  No hard feelings, I think everyone will be much happier.  However, we both agreed, how great would it be to just throw all our socks away and buy all new ones:)))  Have any of you ever done that?  The pack rat in me probably couldn't handle it, I still have a few pairs from high school.  But I sure do like new socks!

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Kristy said...

Yes, I would love, love to throw away all of our socks and start over. I have thought about it on multiple occassions. I think that we could do ok sharing a sock drawer though, although I am not willing to try. :)


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