Wednesday, April 6, 2011

We have a hole!

Today they dug the hole!  YAY, now it's real!  I think the boys thought all the dirt was pretty fun!  Next time I will plan on NOT wearing dress shoes. 
When building a house, you definitely have to make a lot of decisions.  In general, I think these types of decisions are fun, I love looking at house stuff.  But when you know you will be stuck with your choice for a LONG time, it adds a little pressure to your choice. 

On Sunday I had to make two quick window decisions- to have these colonial grids or the double prairie grids.  We went with the traditional colonial, I think it adds a nice little touch of character to the house front.  One of the bedrooms I had a choice where we wanted the windows because it was on the corner, surprisingly, that is a tough call- it took me a while!  I was glad they only wanted my input on one room.  Keith is working on guessing where the plumbing for the basement bathroom should go.  We aren't finishing it for a long time, but it is much cheaper to have the plumbing in place now, opposed to tearing up the floor later on.  Again, tough call!  We really have no idea where we will really want it in 10 years.  I told Keith that maybe he can take a year by year approach to finishing the basement, next year framing, electrical the see the pace we are looking at:)  I think it will be a little boy war zone for the next few years.


Malena said...

My house has the prairie style in the windows, I didn't get to pick it though. The contractor apparently rotated between prairie and colonial down our block. But I was "special" and got one little window what was colonial (definitely not put in on purpose....) Hahaha.

Mike and Sarah said...

Love the pictures of all of you overlooking the foundation hole, how exciting!!! Best of luck with plans and construction!

benwoodward said...

Good luck on your new home. Make sure you get the right windows the first wife is second-guessing our original choice and wants to get new ones. I'm not loving the idea of shelling out hundreds for replacement windows when we could have just got it right the first time.


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Keith, Jess, Dylan, & Carter