Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ideas for our little boys' new room

It's hard to plan what to do in our house without have even walked through it, I plan to take things slow as we will be living in this home for a long time.  I do still want to do something fun for the boys' room.  
I have been debating a bit on what to do since I am planning on having them share a room when I move in, but will separate them at some point.  Any twins' moms out there - when did you put yours in their own room and how did that go?  Right now it just doesn't seem to make sense.  I think they would feel a little lost, they would probably spend more time trying to get out of bed to see what's happening with the other and they share everything, including clothes.  So i just think it is best right now to keep them in the same room.  So here are a few ideas I have in mind, but we will see how it all comes together!

I picked the Tickle Monster book for my inspiration.  The boys always loved this book and I love the colors, so I want to use these colors for the room. 

I really like the stripes on this wall, so I am thinking of doing something similar with the Tickle Monster colors.  Just one wall though - I'm sure it will be a fun project:)

I saw this bedding at Target this week and bought it.  I might run across something I like more, but I think if we do the stripes on the wall, the bedding should be pretty simple. I might add a fun color of sheets.  Or if I was a really cool mom, maybe I would buy some Thomas sheets.

OK - so use your imagination on this one and we'll see how it comes together.  I had an idea and then saw this picture that was exactly what I was thinking.  I thought Keith might be able to build a huge box that could fit in the corner and serve as headboards.  I think this could be the best set up for the room, since both boys could still have a wall to lean against and it would leave a lot of floor space as well.  

I think we will continue to use the Ikea dresser they have been using.  Then I found these beds online, I'm thinking about buying.  I think the drawers would be nice for extra storage.

So that is my idea right now, who knows how it will turn out!



Debbie said...

My girls are 8 and still share a room. They don't like to be seperated and I don't force them to be seperated either. They have the same teacher in school (which has been a struggle with administration, but they are my kids I know whats best for them). They have some of the same friends and some of their own friends. Sometimes they play together and sometimes not. But they don't cling to each other, they just want the comfort of the other one being there. I guess you have to do what you think is best for your kids. I see nothing wrong with them sharing a room. They will tell you when they want their own space.

I love the theme that you have picked for the boys room! Very adorable!

Kellie said...

My sis and I got our own rooms when we were like 7 or so. We were ready. We wanted our own rooms. Just go w/ what they want. You may be surprised. :) Also, loving the things you picked out!

Kristy said...

We did stripes in Brianna's room. We did the whole room, but only did 2 colors. It was pretty easy to be honest. Let me know if you need any tips.

The Woods Family said...

Love following your updates on the new house - everything looks gorgeous - you have such great taste! My sister and I shared a room until we were 11/5th grade. Glad we didn't share much longer than that - would have made for some epic junior high fights!

Becca said...

Are there any pic of the finished product of the boys room?


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